Molten Metal Handling

Minteq offers the steel maker a complete systems solution for iron and steel ladles as well as vacuum degassing. We call this molten metal handling. Our goal is simple: improve the productivity and cost-effectiveness of the ladles by extending the life of the vessel. Our system offering ranges from individual refractory products to full monolithic steel ladle packages that includes LaCam® LI laser distance measurement, OPTIFORM® working and safety linings, pre-cast shapes for flow control and impact resistance, and gunnable and shotcrete maintenance materials. 

We focus on extending the life of iron ladles by providing manual or remote application of industry-leading shotcrete and gunning materials. This application is managed and installed by Minteq field sales and steel mill service personnel.

For steel ladles we offer complete packages, as mentioned above, with a focus on enhancing existing brick systems to increase vessel life and availability. This is mainly accomplished with OPTISHOT® shotcrete products and a full line of alumina-silica and magnesia-based gunnable materials.

The vacuum degasser presents a unique opportunity for productivity enhancements through leading-edge maintenance; we have achieved substantial improvements in snorkel life with MAG-O-STAR® application of gunnable and sprayable refractory products.

We would refer all customers interested in reducing cost and improving productivity to the following pages, where we present more detailed information on our innovative, systems-based approach: refractory materials + application equipment + laser measurement + experienced sales, technical, and service personnel.