Continuous Caster—Overview

Minteq International Inc. (MINTEQ) has a long history of providing industry-leading solutions for continuous casting operation. We developed the first dry vibratable materials for disposable tundish working linings in the 1970s. Today we offer a full-service, system approach to this critical steel-making process: a combination of dry vibratable, shotcrete, castable, gunnable, sprayable, pre-cast shape, and equipment technology that, in sum, forms a turnkey lining system suited to all individual needs. Our commitment to the environment is also evident in our decision to move the Q-VIBE® trowel/vibratable mix product line to completely phenolic, resin-free in 2006.

  • The components of a (sample) tundish disposable lining installation are as follows:
  • ARMOR FLOW™ 60, low cement, alumina-silica castable refractory mix safety lining
  • Q-VIBE® 90 RF, resin-free, low-sodium, high-durability dry vibratable disposable working lining
  • Q-VIBE® trowel/vibratable mix proprietary formers and heater systems
  • Pre-cast tundish furniture using MINTEQ’s superior castable technology
  • Dedicated steel mill service professionals to ensure quality installation

This system is designed to provide the lowest-cost, highest-performing tundish refractory system in the steel industry. We also offer permanent tundish linings to fit custom needs. To learn more about the specific components of these systems, please click on the links below.