Gunnables for BOF

Minteq has been participating with our customers in Basic Oxygen Furnaces (BOF) refractory maintenance gunning for many years, and over time we have developed the capability to extend the life of the furnace beyond the expectations of our customers. Gunning, when coupled with information generated by LaCam® refractory lining measuring systems, provides Minteq and our customers the daily information needed to lower refractory cost/ton of steel, and increase productivity. This process is executed around the clock by our experienced steel mill service team. 


Our world-renowned gunning product lines of GUNTAPITE®, MONO-LINE®, and EUROSHOT™, are the core to our success. These products have evolved with our experience, and the careful input of our customers. Please click on the links below to learn more about these products.


If you have questions on how to increase the productivity of your BOF Converter, and how to lower your costs, please contact Minteq for a full review of your current refractory practice.