Shotcrete for BOF


Building upon our many years of success in executing shotcrete repairs to Basic Oxygen Converter linings, Minteq continues to advance monolithic refractory applications to critical areas of the furnace lining. Installations for monolithic safety & working linings in the barrel & cone areas have provided customers with a proven solution for emergency refractory repairs and new construction applications.

Fig 1 Shotcrete for BOF
Fig 2 Shotcrete for BOF


Our global R&D efforts have expanded our monolithic offering to include OPTISHOT™ & FASTFIRE™ brands, to compliment our DURACRETE™ system.


OPTISHOT™ | FASTFIRE™ | DURACRETE™ provide the following attributes:

  • High density, low water, low porosity shotcrete mixes providing superior physical properties
  • Engineered materials tuned to severe areas of the furnace & operating conditions
  • Rapid installation & heat up capabilities for rapid turnaround during scheduled and unscheduled repairs
  • Unique remote-controlled application technology designed specifically for the task


Minteq shotcrete products can be installed in ambient, warm or at operating temperatures up to 2000°F, in any region of the furnace, enhancing lining integrity while extending lining life for thousands of heats, resulting in lower costs & increased furnace availability.