Shotcrete for Blast Furnaces

Minteq’s strategy to reduce the cost per ton of iron, and increase the life of the blast furnace is enabled by our world class shotcrete products. These products offer the following functional benefits:

  • Rapid installation rates to reduce total refractory installation time
  • Low rebound to reduce total consumption
  • Superior refractoriness that increases furnace life, and improves fuel efficiency

For Blast Furnace operations we would like to highlight the following SUPERSHOT™ products:


  • Ideal material for mid-  to upper-stack re-linings and repairs
  • Excellent abrasion resistance at lower temperatures
  • 60 percent alumina silica containing, low cement bonded shotcrete
  • This binding system does not require high-firing temperatures to develop physical properties and abrasion resistance


  • 72 percent alumina silica, 15 percent silicon carbine containing, ultra-low cement binder
  • High density, High thermal conductivity, low porosity shotcrete
  • Capable of rapid dry out requirements


  • Shotcrete material for thermal protection of Bosh Lining during blow-in
  • Value is generate by using the same shotcrete equipment, with no change over to gunning material and batch guns
  • Rapid installation rate of +8 tons/hour