Minteq has a long-standing position in the glass industry. In 1988, the Company purchased Zedmark with operations in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, and Dover, Ohio, and the business has continued to support the glass industry for over 30 years.


Minteq specializes in the production of pre-cast shapes for the glass industry. The shapes are used throughout the various glass manufacturing segments and in their processes. These products range from burner blocks to orifice rings. The majority of these products are produced at Slippery Rock.


Minteq also produces a full line of specialty high oxide mullite, azs, and zircon-based bricks and pressed shapes. These products have been proven long-term performers in float glass furnaces around the world.


To augment these core product lines, Minteq also produces rams, mortars, plastics, and specialty monolithics. In all cases, we work to enhance customer operations and generate value.