Measuring Devices

Temperature and activity of oxygen measurement systems

We offer the necessary instruments to improve your quality of molten steel or non-ferrous material. Processor-controlled measuring instruments perform the analytical processing of the detected measurement signals. As a result, they fulfill the increasing demands posed by quality assurance and process control systems in modern plants. Besides data acquisition, display and further processing of results, FERROTRON measuring instruments also offer conventional communications interfaces, network links and remote maintenance via the Internet.

The measurement system is designed according to the individual requirements of the measurement task.

For the determination of metallurgical parameters like immersion temperature, oxygen activity, carbon content, aluminium content/additives and/or bath level, the following measurement systems can be applied:

  • OxyNet™ Temperature and oxygen measurement unit for molten metals
  • TempNet™ Temperature measurement unit for molten metals
  • TEasy™ Standard Temperature measuring instrument
  • TEasyM  Digital temperature measuring unit for molten metals
  • TRECAL™ Function test unit
  • Displays units with optional wireless data transfer