Minteq Cooler and Equipment
Minteq Shotcrete for the Cooler

Castables for the Cooler

Minteq International Inc. offers a full line of ARMOR FLOW™ low-cement castables for traditional installation. These products offer superior self-flowing characteristics and, in turn, superior durability. Though customer value may be diminished due to the high cost of time, labor, and forming cast in-situ, the ARMOR FLOW™ refractory mix line is a first-rate choice for those with a more conventional approach to maintenance.


Cooler Products and Equipment

Minteq International Inc.’s (MINTEQ’s) OPTISHOT® shotcrete products solve age-old issues in the cooler process, including abrasion and thermal shock at startup. Shotcreting the hood, bull nose, curbs and tertiary air return also increases speed of installation.



These issues, like others in refractory maintenance, were specifically attacked by MINTEQ’s dedicated Research and Development team, which guarantees our ongoing status at the industry forefront.