Cement and Lime

Minteq provides the cement and lime industry with outstanding value due to faster installations and increased durability.

  • Faster installations with OPTISHOT® shotcrete products reduce labor requirements, promote a safer work site, and introduce greater flexibility during scheduled shutdowns.
  • Further, we believe that our OPTISHOT® shotcretes—which are Providing a New Perspective on Performance—provide a durability that is unsurpassed by monolithic refractories. This durability derives from superior resistance to abrasion, alkali environments, other chemicals, and thermal shock and cycling.

To further enhance your value, we have developed materials to improve dry-out rates. This key property, coupled with advanced application techniques, creates flexibility in scheduling your next planned outage.


In summary, greater durability lowers the customer’s annual budget for refractory maintenance. This value manifests itself in less tear-out, less purchased tonnage, less labor, and diminished safety concerns.