Gunnable Refractories for BOF

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Minteq Oxygen Furnace

Minteq’s system approach to refractories is best demonstrated in the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) Converter. We have been instrumental in maintaining the only BOF in the world to surpass 60,000 heats, and most recently, to construct the first ever fully monolithic BOF. In each case, our innovative spirit, and customer commitment is clearly demonstrated.


Our refractory systems and technologies have been combined over the past quarter century to yield the highest productivity, lowest cost, steel making BOF Converters in the world. We combine the laser distance measurement technology of LaCam® systems with high performance magnesia gunning materials and unique shotcrete products, robust proprietary application equipment, and a dedicated team of steel mill service professionals. The result builds value for our customers around the world. 

As the steel industry continues to globalize and consolidate, we believe our position of increasing productivity, and lowering cost, will be enhanced over time. Our commitment to the global steel industry is growing with our Suzhou China plant start up in 2006. We also continue to focus on other developing economies around the world.


Minteq ASMAS BOF Converter


FERROGUN series of materials are hot repair gunning mix products engineered and formulated according to the specific requirements of BOFs.  Ferrogun’s refractoriness and adherence properties result in high performance with reduced refractory cost per ton steel.

AsmaƟ provides user-friendly, low maintenance automated equipment for gunning applications in BOFs such as batchguns with or without Robogun manipulators or shooters, including laser scanning technology options. 

Ferrogun Product Range for BOF: 
Ferrogun 90C
Ferrogun QP
Ferrogun PF 
Ferrogun EX