Gunnables for Blast Furnaces

Minteq International Inc. offers a complete line of gunnable refractory products for blast furnace repairs. The SUPER GUN™ refractory material product line has proven itself in iron making for years. These products feature the following value to iron makers:


  • Quick repairs of the blast furnace stack during scheduled or unscheduled outages
  • Abrasion-resistant, carbon monoxide-resistant formulas for longer life
  • Applications can be remote (outside the USA and Canada) or manual, depending on the operating condition.

Please review the product specifications for SUPER SHOT™ BF, SUPER SHOT™ AR, and SUPER SHOT™ SC refractory materials to match your application need.



Minteq Steel Mill
Minteq ASMAS Gunnable Blast


Gunnable Refractories Introduction

Minteq International Inc. (Minteq) introduced the process of gunning BOF converters in the 1960s. Today, as we continue to refine our already world-class methods for extending furnace and vessel life in industries we serve, gunning remains a major component of the process. It is critical to our refractory system and our technological approach to both lowering cost per ton and improving overall efficiency. Though improvements to gunnables do not come easily in competitive marketplaces, MINTEQ’s commitment to research and development has never wavered. Our products are designed using the highest-quality refractory minerals available on a global basis. By choosing these materials based on performance, we meet the industry’s most demanding standards for installed durability.

Our most common product families are as follows:

GUNTAPITE® gunning mix
Q-GUN® gunning mix
MAGTEQ™ magnesia gunnable mix
1084™ refractory gunning mix
MONO-LINE® refractory lining
SSK® refractory mix
SUPER GUN™ refractory material
ELECTRIC GUN® gunning mix
HOT SHOT® granular refractory mix

We invite you to review our website and feel free to contact us or your nearest MINTEQ representative for a review of your process.