Blast Furnace Refractories

Minteq International Inc. (Minteq) is a leader in the application of monolithic refractories for iron and steel making.


Minteq Steel Mill


Minteq’s strategy for Blast Furnace repair and relining is simple; provide the lowest cost per ton of iron over the life of the vessel. This strategy is executed with superior refractory products, especially our industry leading shotcrete materials. In addition to our shotcrete materials, we offer castables, pre-cast shapes, gunnables, burden cap and blow-in lining materials for the Blast Furnace stack, bosh, and cast house floor.

Our system of products, application equipment, and years of experience, create value for the iron maker. These include:


  • Increased lining life for improved productivity and cost
  • Improved furnace fuel and consumption efficiencies
  • Remote furnace lining installations (Outside of the US and Canada)
  • Manual shotcrete and applications globally, with rebound rates

Minteq is the global leader in monolithic refractories, and we have applied this capability to designing state of the art shotcrete and materials for Blast Furnace Operations. The combination of superior materials, blast furnace experience, and our outstanding team of Steel Mill Service generates superior value for iron making operations around the world.


Mnteq Blast Equipment

Blast Furnace (BF) Tap Hole Clay – Ferroclay series

"At Blast Furnace Tap Holes"

Blast Furnace (BF) Runner Mixes – Ferrorun series

Ferrorun Runner Mixes


FERRORUN is a family name of silicon carbide –alumina based mixes for BF runners. FERRORUN R  is a ramming mix series application for BF runners. Its chemical composition and physical properties combine to guarantee low consumption values with longer service life and less repairs. Further requirements from our valued customers, initiated the development of castable mixes for BF runners called FERRORUN C with successful results.

Product Range:
Ferrorun R series
Ferrorun C series



FERROCLAY is a resin bonded tap hole clay, which has been recently developed and launched, gaining enormous acceptance by various BFs.

The consistent high performance, safe closing and easy opening, high erosion resistance against molten metal and slag, make Ferroclay the number one choice for stable and efficient BF production.  

Ferroclay products are uniquely formulated for each BF condition after evaluating its operational features.

Product Range:
Ferroclay 23 series
Ferroclay 704 series
Ferroclay 55 series 


ASMAS Ferroclay Packaging