About Us

Asmaş is the leading monolithic refractory producer specialized in advanced refractories and technologies for several areas of steelmaking, such as TUNDISH, LADLE, ELECTRIC ARC FURNACE (EAF), BASIC OXYGEN FURNACE (BOF) and BLAST FURNACE (BF).

Asmaş offers a wide range of permanent and all types of working lining high quality tundish refractories with customized solutions from single heat to ultra long sequences for all billet, bloom, and slab casting machines. Various cast on tundish shapes such as impact pad, dams, weirs, baffles, wellblocks complete the total furnishing of tundishes for safe and clean operation.

Asmaş is a leader manufacturer of ladle, BOF and EAF monolithic refractories including hot repairing gunning mixes, hot fettling and cold repairing masses, and conductive bottom repair mixes for DC-type EAFs. ROBOGUN™  automated manipulator and its high performing gunning materials bring a totally new concept and expectation to ladle and furnace  operations in steelmaking.

Blast Furnace is another main avenue for Asmaş product line. Beyond Minteq Shotcrete and Gunnable Repair Technologies in BFs, Asmaş produces Taphole clay and Runner mixes for BFs. Ferroclay tap hole mixes and Ferrorun runner material gained enormous acceptance due to their outstanding performances and cost-effectiveness for various blast furnaces.

Asmaş is a significant source for all steel mills in Turkey and around the globe. Currently, over 35% of its production is exported to different countries in Europe, Russia/CIS, Middle East, Far East, and Africa. With more than 35 years of experience, assuring reliability, building long term confidence results in robust customer relations worldwide.

Asmaş production sites are located in Gebze, an industrial town 50 km east of Istanbul and Kütahya, region of rich natural magnesite in mainland Anatolia. Headquarter is in Ataşehir - Istanbul.

The phrase 'customer driven' is at the heart of Asmaş. Comprehensive research and product development programs, engineering capabilities, modern manufacturing facilities and professional field service personnel all combine to meet the changing needs of our valued customers.

Minteq ASMAS - Main Office
Atatürk Mahallesi Atasehir Bulvarı
Gardenya Plaza 3 No: 20 Kat:13
Atasehir 34758 Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90-216 455 92 50 
Fax: +90-216 455 92 52-53 

Asmaş  was founded in 1969 by Yazici Family nearby Eregli / Zonguldak to serve into the biggest Turkish steel Producer Erdemir. Asmaş developed its refractory experience in the past 35 years by introducing innovative new products, establishing new refractory plants in Gebze and in Kutahya, and serving to many new customers and markets all around the world.

Asmaş was acquired by Minteq Group (wholly owned subisidary of Minerals Technologies Inc- MTI) in 2006 and developed further with the quality and technology improvements transferred from Minteq Group.

Asmaş is fully integrated in Minteq Group now and Asmaş plants are capable of producing both Asmaş and Minteq products under the Minteq quality standards.