History of Minteq

Minteq (and our predecessor companies) have created lasting value for our customers, and a lasting heritage of innovation in the industries that we serve. We are proud of this competency, and we will continue to embrace this philosophy well into the future. 


Ferrorun Runner Mixes


1950’s: Open Hearth Furnace Roof Maintenance

1960’s: BOF Gunning Maintenance

1970’s: Dry Vibratables for Tundish Linings

1980’s: Proprietary Lance Wire Feeding System


  • MAG-O-STAR® automated sprayable refractory system
  • SEQUAD® remote of blast furnaces
  • LACAM® laser distance refractory measurement



About Minteq

Minteq, the premier supplier of engineered refractory lining systems, manufactures monolithic refractories for the iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, minerals processing and glass markets. Combined with our application systems and measurement innovations, Minteq products and systems help manufacturers increase productivity and lower overall costs.

Minteq offers comprehensive, customized, and integrated refractory systems that include superior monolithic products, proprietary application equipment, patented laser measurement devices, and the extensive experience and expertise of our service teams.

Minteq refractory materials, systems and technologies lead the industry because of our significant commitment to research and development. The resulting innovations are the keys to our success and to our customers’ success. We provide turnkey solutions to help you increase productivity enhance yields, reduce downtime, and lower overall costs.

Minteq has the expertise to design, install and maintain a customized solution for your unique challenge. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you and uncover methods for improving your productivity, creating value, and lowering overall costs to enhance your competitiveness in the global marketplace.