We are committed to our Quality Environment Health & Safety (QEHS) goals. To us, this means zero harm to our people, customers, the environment, and the places we work. We work every day with our sights set on maintaining our industry-leading safety and quality performance. With one of the lowest incident rates in the industry, CETCO ENERGY SERVICES, (CETCO) ensures its employees go to work and come home in the same condition. In addition to outstanding safety, our dedication to quality through standardization and customer-focused processes, we consistently deliver superior results and extraordinary of customer satisfaction.



CETCO employees undergo extensive training in our safety, quality, and Operational Excellence programs. The training conducted in both classroom, and hands-on settings create safer employees and locations. Upon completion of our education programs, our employees are capable of performing high-value work with excellent consistency in the safest manner. Through reinvestment in our most important asset—our people—we ensure that our personnel are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to turn every situation into a success story. 

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