CETCO ENERGYSERVICES (CETCO), is a globally-recognized technology expert with decades of experience in managing and solving challenging fluid problems for our customers. We serve two major markets, Industrial Wastewater and Oil & Gas, and since 2014, we are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Minerals Technologies, Inc (MTI).


We offer unique fluid treatment and handling Products, Services and Solutions:


PRODUCTSWastewater, Water Treatment: RM-10®, Accofloc® Filtration Media: PM-100™, PM-199™, GAC, Equipment EC-510 System, Rolled Filter Media, Solidification: Liquisorb®, Sorbond®, Concrete Waste Treatment: SlurrySep™, SlurryDry™


SERVICES – ORCA™ (Objective Root Cause Analysis), Well Testing, Water Treatment & Filtration, Well Fluid Management, Pipeline Fluid Management, and Research & Engineering Services


SOLUTIONS – Permanent Process Equipment Solutions, Temporary Process Equipment Solutions, Solids Management Systems, FPSO Water Solutions, Produced Water Excursion Packages, Brownfield/Greenfield Optimization & Retrofit, Well Intervention & Flowback Applications, Early Production Facilities/Systems, and Custom Designed Well Test Packages


RESEARCH & ENGINEERING –First Class Research & Development Facility, and Laboratory capabilities with state of the art analytical equipment, customized solutions such as Engineering of Complex Fluid Treatment problems and HPHT WT Design and Operation, and Certified Project Management Professionals


TECHNOLOGY – Innovative, Cutting-Edge, Patented Technologies in Industrial Wastewater & Oil & Gas Markets


QEHS – We are committed to no harm to personnel and the environment, with a continuous safety improvement process that’s combined with a strong operational excellence culture


LOCATIONS– Global footprint, with a worldwide presence in over 14 locations in 10 countries  

Energy Services