Corporate Mascots have been creatively used in marketing and advertising for decades.  A mascot should be well designed in representing the anatomy of a business, and matched to have a strong connection to the company it represents.


We chose an axolotl, as our corporate mascot. The axolotl, is an Ambystoma Mexicanum, which is a neotenic salamander related to the tiger salamander. The axolotl is not a fish, but an amphibian, and is metamorphous. It is a unique animal in the wild that thrives in the water but also because it’s metamorphous, it can thrive on land as well. The axolotl is a super aggressive species, and can regenerate, and grow its limbs and its brain back more than a hundred times.


We animated the axolotl, and named him Muddog.  He has been a part of our brand identity since our conception. The Muddog Mascot establishes a value and standard by which we are recognized globally, and serves as our company mascot. The Muddog has become a chief component element in supporting our brand personality that has driven our past and will motivate our future.

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