CETCO originated in 1996, as a water treatment company providing filtration services to offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Shortly thereafter, we were purchased by AMCOL International, and placed under the umbrella of Colloid Environmental Technologies Company, and subsequently renamed CETCO Environmental.


As the scope of our service offerings grew, we re-branded as CETCO Offshore. By 2003, we had grown so rapidly that AMCOL incorporated us as a unique entity: CETCO Oilfield Service Company. After another decade of substantial growth—which included numerous accolades for our innovative technologies—we have been recognized as a global leader in fluid treatment and handling.


In 2013, we updated our company branding again, and became CETCO ENERGY SERVICES (CETCO). Less than a year later, AMCOL International, along with its subsidiaries, was purchased by Minerals Technologies, Inc [MTI] (NYSE: MTX), which is headquartered at 622 Third Avenue in New York City. Specializing in a broad range of mineral and synthetic products and treatments, and intently focused on continuous improvement, MTI introduced CETCO to the concept of Operational Excellence, which has taken our already world-class quality and safety culture to new heights.


Today, CETCO ENERGY SERVICES maintains its position as a global leader in the Water Treatment and Fluid Management segment for both the Industrial Wastewater and Oil & Gas Industries. We continue to strive for excellence and are dedicated to providing the highest level of value to our customers and maintaining our commitment to an environmentally clean planet in every aspect of our work. Although our name may have changed over the years, our commitment, passion, and focus remain unwavering.

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