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DECTEQ™ - Digital Electrode Control System

Steel making in electric arc furnaces (EAF) and the further treatment in ladel furnaces (LF) as a modern technology to convert electrical energy to heat and metallurgical work in an effective way has become worldwide standard.

This modern and changing practice needs new and powerful equipment to ensure the best possible power input to save energy and money.

The DECTEQ™ universal electrode control system for standard electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces as well as for special designs like mono arm or Twin shell has an up to date user interface and a variety of tools to analyze and monitor the heating process.


The DECTEQ™ electrode control system is a powerful tool, which can:

  • reduce the electrode consumption

  • reduce the energy consumption

  • reduce the commissioning times

  • extend the maintenance intervals

  • reduce the tap to tap time

  • reduce consumption of refractory

Under economical view the DECTEQ™ electrode control system can:

  • reduce the production costs and

  • increase the productivity and efficiency of Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF)

The New Generation of DECTEQ™ MeltNet

The Decteq™ MeltNet is a digital electrode control system for AC electric arc furnaces used for steel making industries.

Steel making with electric arc furnaces (EAF) as well as the treatment in ladle furnaces (LF) are modern technology of convert electrical energy to melt, heat and conduct metallurgical work in an effective way. The Decteq™ MeltNet controls the electric energy of the furnace automatically by controlling the length of the Arc and with this also the correct working point. 

The Decteq™ MeltNet 

- is a powerful tool which reduces the electrode and energy consumption
- increases the productivity and efficiency of your EAF
- system contains flexible visualisation
- offers elaborate diagnostic functions
- enhance reliability of operation by spare components 

The DECTEC™ MeltNet