Specialty Minerals Precipitated Calcium Carbonates for Window and Door Profiles

Window and door profiles are demanding applications for rigid or unplasticized PVC because of the high level of product performance required to displace more traditional materials such as wood, steel, and aluminum. Polyvinyl chloride offers a lightweight, maintenance-free and cost-effective alternative. Delivery of these benefits requires careful attention to formulation and processing issues. Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) from Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) delivers superior impact resistance, dimensional stability, and surface appearance. Whatever specific balance of PVC properties you seek for profile applications, there is a SMI PCC to help you reach your goals. See our product selector chart to make your choice or contact us with the details of your specific application for a recommendation.


Performance of Specialty Minerals Precipitated Calcium Carbonates in Rigid PVC Profile Extrusions
Impact strength is a key requirement in these profiles, but compounders striving to meet these requirements must watch formulation costs as well. SMI’s Ultra-Pflex® and Calofort® S PCCs provide the added edge formulators need to balance cost and impact strength by allowing them to reduce or eliminate acrylic or Chloride Polyethyline (CPE) rubber-based impact modifiers. In addition, PCCs do not suffer the low-temperature fall-off in impact strength typical of rubber-based modifiers. Super-Pflex® 100 is the choice where the compounder is interested in high resin extension ratios within current formulations.

Long-term dimensional stability is another requirement in window and door profiles where tight part tolerances are needed for proper functioning. Built-in stresses from extrusion processing can promote dimensional instability. The small particle size of Ultra-Pflex® and Calofort® S PCCs promote melt homogeneity in profile compounds, reducing long-term dimensional changes. Ultra-Pflex® and Calofort® S PCCs also promote high surface gloss and smooth appearance to critical appearance-grade parts. Ultra-Pflex® and Calofort® S PCCs are true nanoparticle additives that deliver impact and surface appearance benefits at relatively low usage levels. Their nano size provides very large surface areas, which improves their interactions with the resin matrix. 

Specialty Minerals Publications

Download the SMI publication “The Effect of Calcium Carbonate Size and Loading Level On the Impact Performance of Rigid PVC Compounds Containing Varying Amounts Of Acrylic Impact Modifier” by clicking here or download the publication “Adding Value to PVC Formulations with Ester Lubricants and Fine Calcium Carbonate“ by clicking here.