Sparkling White Pool Plasters With Specialty Minerals Calcium Carbonates

Today’s calcium carbonate technology facilitates and enhances one of midsummer’s most inviting scenes: a beautiful white swimming pool filled with sparkling blue water. The most attractive swimming pools and spas are built using white pool plaster, also known as white coat or marcite. A base pool fashioned from gunite or concrete makes myriad shapes and features possible. The pool is then finished with a bright white plaster, which provides a tight water seal.

Calcium Carbonates in Swimming Pool Plasters
The plastered finish applied to swimming pools and spas is a mixture of white cement, a high-brightness ground calcium carbonate aggregate, water, and a pozolonic additive—a silicaceous material that reacts to slowly harden the plaster.

Calcium carbonate (limestone) and calcium magnesium carbonate (dolomite or dolomitic limestone) are the preferred aggregates used in the plastering of swimming pools and spas. A 16-mesh filler is normally chosen. The typical weight ratio of portland cement to carbonate aggregate is between 1:1 and 1:2. A mix time of 8 to 10 minutes ensures good workability and a proper set. For newly constructed pools, the concrete or gunite pool shell should cure for a minimum of 28 days before plastering.

Specialty Minerals Calcium Carbonates for Swimming Pool Plasters
Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) manufactures high-quality limestone aggregates for the pool and spa plastering industry in Canaan, Connecticut and Lucerne Valley, California. Our plants tailor the products to meet the needs of the plasterers in the Mid-Atlantic and Southwestern U.S. areas.


These Marblemix® ground limestones and dolomites produce plasters that:

  • Are excellent in quality
  • Are consistent lot-to-lot, and pool-to-pool
  • Are easy to apply
  • Produce a high-quality finish, and
  • Result in pools with crystal blue water

Such attributes meet the needs of both plasterers and their customers. Further, the exacting specifications of Specialty Minerals’ Marblemix® aggregates help produce materials that even plasterers of limited experience can apply under a broad range of environmental conditions.   

Marblemix® calcium carbonates for the Southwest U.S., from Lucerne Valley, California are:

Marblemix dolomites for the Mid-Atlantic U.S., from Canaan, Connecticut are:

Related Swimming Pool Applications for Specialty Minerals Aggregates
In addition to use in cementicious pool and spa finishes, Marblemix® calcium carbonates are also used during pool construction in pool copings and for pool deck coating. SMI ground carbonates useful in deck coatings are: