Specialty Minerals Products for Automotive Plastics

Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) is a global provider of minerals that help reinforce the plastics used widely in automobiles.  Reinforced polypropylene and thermoplastic olefin (TPO) are used throughout the automobile including bumpers, interior and exterior door components, interior dashboard and controls, and under the hood components.  Automobile manufacturers and their component suppliers continue to focus on:Automotive Plastics - Red Car.jpg

  • Reducing total vehicle weight to increase fuel efficiency

  • Reducing material costs without compromising performance

  • Increasing manufacturing efficiency

At Specialty Minerals, we have dedicated research and development efforts to development of mineral additives that can help compounders and producers meet these objectives.  Below are highlights from the Specialty Minerals, Inc. product line that can assist formulators in achieving these goals.

Talc additives to improve performance of Automotive Plastics

Automotive Plastics - Mechanic.jpgAdding talc to PP and TPO compounds will typically improve flexural modulus (stiffness), increase heat stability, reduce the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and increase the heat deflection temperature compared to unfilled parts.  Adding talc also enables excellent surface finish, improved scratch and mar resistance, and can allow increased molding production rates by promoting nucleation and improved heat transfer.

A variety of products are offered to enable best fit to the varying needs of customers.  If you need assistance in selecting the right product for your application, please contact us at one of our sales offices:  Bethlehem, PA 800-801-1031 or Barretts, MT 800-336-9008.

Talc products can be delivered at a range of average particles sizes with narrow distributions. Appearance-grade (AG) talcs have been developed to help ensure color consistency batch to batch.  Standard-brightness talcs (MP) are typically used in under hood and darker components where excellent physical properties in harsh temperature and chemical environment are critical.

A talc product with the specified particle size distribution, color, and coating, can be packaged and shipped in powder form, or further processed to compact or densify the material.  This additional processing minimizes dusting in compounding operations, and allows better control of feed rates.

Introducing: FortiTalc™ Compacted TalcAutomotive Plastics - Yellow Bumper.jpg

  • Less dust and more consistent feeding

  • Multiple bulk densities to match compounder process

  • Improved bulk shipping economics

These new grades are being produced in new processing equipment that significantly increases total capacity, and now enables multiple bulk densities to be offered.  The FORTITALC™ compacted Talc products have the same color consistency and particle size control customers have come to expect from Specialty Minerals, but with an added ability to vary the bulk density to best match customers processing capabilities and needs.  Products have an LC or HC designation to indicate the high or low compacted density.

Calcium Carbonate in Automotive Plastics

For less demanding applications where economy is a must, SMI manufactures ground calcium carbonate fillers that have median particle sizes ranging from 2 to 10 microns. The Vicron® GCC products and their coated analogs, Hi-Pflex® 100 GCC and Pfinyl® 402 GCC, are economical filler/extenders that add to toughness and dimensional stability. The coated analogs will provide better impact strength through improved dispersion in the part. These products are produced in Adams, Massachusetts and Lucerne Valley, California.

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Product Selection

The following selector chart can help guide you to the choice of the best SMI products for your automotive application. ​

FortiTalc Chart2.jpg 

For More Information on the use of Minerals in Reinforcing Plastics Please refer to the following: