Economical Specialty Minerals Talc Antiblocks With Excellent Antiblocking Efficiency

ABT® 2500 and Polybloc® talcs are the workhorse antiblocks that provide high antiblocking efficiency and economic value. ABT® 2500 talc antiblock is a non-surface-treated platy talc with an optimum particle size for maximum antiblocking efficiency. 

Surface Treated Polybloc® Talc Antiblock
Polybloc® talc antiblock is a surface treated talc with the same optimum particle size, offering improved dispersion and compatibility with polyolefins and film additives. Surface-treated talc can minimize polymer degradation due to interactions between the polymer and additives including slip agents and processing aids. Surface treated talc offers many benefits in polymer processing and end-use properties. Polybloc® talc antiblock is our second-generation Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) antiblock. It reduces surface activity and additive adsorption, provides excellent film color, good film optical properties, and enhanced antiblocking and Coefficient of Friction (COF). Benefits of surface treatment include optimum dispersion with lower gel counts, improved film color with lower b value (yellowness), better reblock and COF, greater tensile strength and elongation, higher dart drop values, and better thermal stability. 


Applications include food packaging (meat/cheese, candy/snacks), beverage containers, chemical and pesticide packaging, grocery and garbage bags, electronic packaging, stretch wrap, garment packaging, and agricultural film. Processes include blown film, chill roll cast, OPP, BOPP, co-extrusion, water quench, and lamination.


Improved Antiblocking Efficiency of Polybloc® Coated Talc


Improved Tensile Strength With Polybloc® Coated Talc Antiblock


Improved Tensile Elongation With Polybloc® Coated Talc Antiblock