Concrete and Masonry Uses For Specialty Minerals Ground Calcium Carbonates

A wide array of beautiful and useful concrete and masonry building products are manufactured using ground limestones (calcium carbonates) and dolomites (calcium magnesium carbonates). Among them:

  • Bricks
  • Manufactured stone veneer
  • White split-face concrete blocks
  • Standard concrete blocks
  • Pipe conduit
  • Swimming pool coping
  • Precast concrete panels and structures
  • Precast concrete architectural shapes
  • Mortars
  • Grouts

Limestones and Dolomites in Concrete and Masonry
In general, aesthetically demanding concrete and masonry applications call for high-brightness limestone and dolomite in a range of sizes, from smaller sands and aggregates to medium granules to coarser stones. Washed marble sands from the manufacture of limestone and dolomite can also be used in less color-demanding applications. These screened limestone and dolomite stones can be manufactured with or without fines. They are used singly or in blends of different sizes to give formulations with the desired aesthetic and performance properties.

Concrete block applications require fillers with uniform color and aggregate particle size distribution. For other concrete and masonry products, the carbonate fillers must have a minimum of minus 200 mesh particles. White grouts and mortars are made with 4 mesh and finer ground calcium and calcium magnesium carbonates.

Specialty Minerals Products For Concrete and Masonry
Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) offers numerous standard limestone and dolomite products in a wide range of sizes and brightnesses. All are manufactured with exacting particle size and fines control as well as detailed attention to brightness.


These are the families of SMI products for concrete and masonry to choose from:

  • Vicron® GCCs – East – high brightness, 3.5 to 10 micron calcium carbonate, made in Adams, Massachusetts
  • Vicron® GCCs –  West – high brightness, 2 to 13 micron calcium carbonate, made in Lucerne Valley, California
  • Marblewhite® GCCs East – 200 and 325 mesh, bright limestone, made in Adams, Massachusetts
  • Marblewhite GCC West – 200 and 325 mesh, bright limestone, made in Lucerne Valley, California
  • Vical® GCCs – 16 to 100 mesh, dedusted limestones with moderate brightness, from Lucerne Valley, California
  • Viroc® GCCs – bright decorative limestone granules, 3” to ½”, made in Lucerne Valley, California
  • ATF™ GCCs – bright screened limestones, in 10 to 40 mesh grades, manufactured in Adams, Massachusetts
  • DF™ dolomites – 20 mesh x 0 and 40 mesh x 0 ground calcium magnesium carbonates, made in Canaan, Connecticut
  • MS-4™ dolomite – 4 mesh masonry sand, from SMI’s Canaan, Connecticut plant
  • Concrete Aggregates – Fine, 4 x 0 mesh (FCA™ dolomite) and Coarse, ¼ x 4 mesh  (CCA™ dolomite),  products of Canaan, Connecticut
  • C33 Ultrawhite Sand - 4 mesh x 200 washed marble sands with moderate brightness, made in Adams, Massachusetts
  • Landscape Stone – ½” and 3” granules, from the Adams, Massachusetts plant.

We are also able to design new products to meet the needs of your particular concrete or masonry application.  Contact us about your needs.

All Specialty Minerals plants are ISO 9001 certified, and carefully control processes to produce minerals with uniform particle sizes and particle size distributions.