High Brightness, Quality Decorative Landscape Stones and Field Markers

  • Although low-maintenance landscaping options are many and varied, crushed stone delivers the highest value over the longest period of time. Used along walks, flower beds, and waterscapes, crushed white limestone will minimize weed growth and soil erosion, while keeping the soil moist for plants. High-brightness limestone aggregate is selected for its high contrast against lush green lawns and colorful gardens. It can also form an eye-catching backdrop as artificial snow—convincing enough to be used in movie making.


Ground limestone has long been used for line marking on athletic fields. The good flow characteristics of correctly sized materials will ensure the application of well-defined, highly visible white boundary lines.

Landscaping Products from Specialty Minerals
Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) offers a variety of crushed decorative stone products for landscaping applications, as well powdered ground limestone and dolomite for athletic field marking.


As decorative stones, Limestone Chips and the Viroc® ground limestones, varying in size from 3” to 1/2”, are manufactured in SMI plants in Adams, Massachusetts, and Lucerne Valley, California. Small dolomite stones (calcium magnesium carbonates) are manufactured in the Canaan, Connecticut SMI plant. The benefits of these Specialty Minerals limestone in your application include:

  • Consistent high brightness and product gradation

  • Minimized soil erosion

  • Improved moisture retention.

The Vical® ground calcium carbonate (GCC) family of products is also used as high-quality, high-brightness play sand in commercial and residential playgrounds, as an alternative to silica sands.

Athletic and sports field-marking Marblemix® and Marblewhite® GCC products from SMI exhibit good flow characteristics for professional arenas and scholastic sports areas.

SMI Calcium Carbonates For Landscaping and Field Marking
The families of products from SMI to chose from include:

  • Vical® GCC – Lucerne Valley, California high-brightness 10 mesh play sand

  • Viroc® - West GCC – Lucerne Valley, California, 1” and ½” high-brightness screened limestone

  • CCA™ dolomite – Canaan, Connecticut – ¼ “ screened dolomitic limestone

  • Marblemix® - West  GCC – Lucerne Valley,  California, 16 mesh high-brightness limestone for artificial snow

  • Marblewhite® - East GCC – Adams, Massachusetts, 200 mesh ground calcium carbonate

  • Marblewhite® - West GCC – Lucerne Valley, California,  200 mesh ground calcium carbonate

  • Bunker-White® - Adams, Massachusetts, or Lucerne Valley, California, high purity crushed and screened limestone is an excellent golf course bunker sand