Specialty Minerals Products in Reinforced Polyolefins for Appliances

Increasingly, manufacturers of large household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators are turning to reinforced polyolefins—primarily polypropylene—for use in component parts. Mineral fillers are needed in these parts to give the required balance of performance and cost.

Minerals in Appliance Polyolefins
Ultrafine and fine talcs and ground calcium carbonates (GCCs) are commonly used in polypropylene components in appliances.

As true functional minerals, talcs improve flexural modulus (stiffness), heat and dimensional stability, and processability. They add opacity and improve surface finish. Talcs also act as nucleating agents, which, when combined with their thermal properties, yields faster cycle times and improved production rates. By replacing more expensive ingredients, talc can reduce total part cost.

GCCs are excellent fillers for economy and resin extension. Die scrubbing, better and faster processing, and increased opacity are additional contributions made by these minerals.  Coated fine ground calcium carbonates can also improve impact strength.

Specialty Minerals Products for Polyolefin Appliance Applications
SMI manufactures a range of talc and GCC products of different particle sizes and brightness to service the range of polypropylene uses in appliances. Below is a selection of products commonly used in these applications.  For more information please call 800-801-1031 or contact us.