Healthy Animals: Pet Food Fortification and Pet Vitamins Using Specialty Minerals Calcium Carbonates

Calcium is not only necessary for healthy humans, but healthy pets as well. Cats, dogs, and other pets that lack calcium in their diets can also suffer bone loss and osteoporosis, as do their human owners. They develop thin, weak bones that are easily broken. Calcium and Vitamin D are important nutrients that need to be included in an animal’s diet—the calcium for the bones, and the Vitamin D to make sure the calcium gets there and is properly absorbed. 

Calcium can be included in a pet’s diet via separate nutritional supplement tablets or fortifying the food itself. The various types of animal food that can be calcium fortified include dry kibble, wet canned, and moist pouch foods. Calcium carbonate is a commonly used calcium source, because of its high elemental calcium content and bioavailability, and its economy in use. Calcium carbonate also is a moderate abrasive that is used in toothpastes, and can function in pet tartar-control products.

Specialty Minerals Calcium Carbonates for Pet Foods
Larger-sized calcium carbonates are usually chosen for pet-food fortification. Specialty Minerals Inc. (SMI) has a range of suitable products that differ in their place of manufacture, and which food regulations are met. These include:

  • ViCALity® Heavy, Extra Heavy and Ultra Heavy precipitated calcium carbonates (PCCs) are 3.0 to 12 micron grades, are made in Adams, Massachusetts (U.S.). They meet the U.S. Food Chemicals Codex  (FCC) requirements for calcium carbonate.

  • Sturcal™ F, H and L PCCs, 2.8 to 8.0 microns in size, made in Birmingham, United Kingdom. They meet European Union E170i Miscellaneous Food Regulations.

  • Vicron® ground limestones, made in Adams, Massachusetts, is a family of five grades that range from 3.5 to 17 microns in size, which meets the FCC requirements for limestone.

Click on one of the product names to read more about that product family. You can download the data sheets for the products either from those calcium carbonate family pages or by clicking here for the list of SMI’s products and technical data sheets.

Pet and Animal Nutritional Supplements
Calcium and multi-vitamin/multi-mineral tablets and other forms of nutritional supplements are also made for dogs, cats, and other animals. Click here to read about the manufacture of high-quality nutritional supplements using SMI’s calcium carbonates.

ViCALity® USP Precipitated Calcium Carbonates (PCCs) for Food, Nutritional Supplements, Pharmaceuticals, and Personal Care

ViCALity® precipitated calcium carbonates (PCCs) are a family of eight low-lead calcium carbonates that set the standard for high purity and performance in foods, pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, and personal care. These Specialty Minerals Inc.’s (SMI’s) ViCALity® PCC products range in particle size from 0.7 microns up to 12.0 microns, and have several different shapes. Each has less than 125 ppb (parts per billion) lead, thus allowing manufacturers to meet California Proposition 65.


The ViCALity® PCCs are manufactured at SMI’s plant in Adams, Massachusetts. Adams is a U.S. FDA registered drug manufacturing facility, and follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The plant is also certified by the America Institute of Baking (AIB). All ViCALity® PCC grades are certified as Kosher.

Applications for Specialty Minerals ViCALity® USP Precipitated Calcium Carbonates (PCCs)
ViCALity® USP PCCs find many consumer product uses. Click on any of the following to see more information on the use, and which ViCALity® PCC is best for the application:

  • Calcium nutritional supplements including chewable and swallowable tablets, effervescent tablets, soft chews, soft gels, nutrition bars and powdered drink mixes.

  • Calcium fortified food including: beverages such as milk and soymilk, drinkable yogurts and probiotics; breakfast cereals, baked goods, snack foods, breakfast bars, crackers and dairy products such as milk, ice cream, and yogurt.

  • Pharmaceuticals, especially antacids in their many forms:  tablets, liquids, soft chews.

For all types of liquid applications, the small, 0.7 micron, ViCALity Albafil® PCC is especially recommended because of its better suspension properties.