​​​​About Fulfill®

Welcome to fulfill® High-Filler Technologies, the breakthrough solution that is redefining high-filler. fulfill® is not simply a product, but a series of solutions designed to provide you with the ability to increase the amount of filler content in your paper by 1-10%, and beyond. More filler means less dependency on fiber, and that means substantial operational savings. 

Finally, Freedom of Choice

Only fulfill® allows you to choose the increase in filler you want, and the right approach to get there. Every fulfill® solution is tailored to meet your operational parameters and paper properties. fulfill® is not only the most flexible solution available, you’ll realize economic, environmental and operational benefits that are unparalleled in the market today. 

• Less fiber use means lower costs and a greater competitive advantage
• Less energy consumption for greater operational savings 
• Preserves optical attributes so there is no change in the look of your paper
• Retains sheet properties so your paper maintains consistency
• Runnability is maintained so your mill runs trouble-free ​