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Take advantage of powerful liquid ingredients with the convenience of powders. Polytrap Technology adsorbs high levels of lipophilic materials while providing an elegant feel on the skin via powder formulations.

How It Benefits Your Product

Have greater flexibility in your formulations with Polytrap Technology – a delivery system that entraps liquid active ingredients and converts them to powders. Plus, it provides:

  • Extended wear life of lipsticks and eye products because of minimized creasing and bleeding
  • Longer lasting benefits to the skin with sustained release of actives
  • Noticeable reduction in sebum leading to ongoing usage
  • Elegant skin feel for high consumer satisfaction

Compelling Consumer Claims

Polytrap technology has been tested with various active ingredients in full formations, providing strong product claims. A sample of claims include:

  • Reduces shine
  • Long-lasting coverage
  • Improves overall skin appearance


Actives entrapped in Polytrap break down upon rubbing on the skin for a supple feel and allows the particles to disappear providing sebum control.​