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Increase viscosity and improve texture with Magnabrite. Magnabrite(R) Magnesium Aluminum Silicates is a highly purified, selected blend of white smectite clays improving product feel.

How It Benefits Your Product

Magnabrite is a stabilizing and suspension agent, and viscosity modifier available as small flakes to ease dispersion and improve formula aesthetics through:

  • Absorbing extra moisture to keep products from being watery
  • Thickening creams for a luxurious texture
  • Preventing powders from becoming cakey
  • Increasing makeup coverage

Common Applications

Specially processed to control purity and performance, Magnabrite is available in six products to cover a wide-range of personal care, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

  • Magnabrite S - acne treatments, AHA & BHA creams, anti-dandruff & treatment shampoos, creams, lotions, liquid makeup, eye makeup, sunscreens
  • Magnabrite F - eye makeup, facial mask, powder makeup, tablets
  • Magnabrite HV - acne treatments, antacid suspensions, roll-on antiperspirants/deodorants, creams, lotions
  • Magnabrite K - antacid suspensions, creams, lotions
  • Magnabrite HS - 2-in-1 shampoos, creams, lotions, facial masks, hair straightener,pearlescent shampoos

The Science Behind Magnabrite

An inorganic rheology modifier, Magnabrite is available at various viscosity levels, and aluminum and magnesium ratios to meet the needs of any formulation.

  • Magnabrite S - Has low acid demand and high acid compatibility, making it especially useful in acidic preparations.
  • Magnabrite F - Available in a free-flowing powder making it the preferred option when dry incorporation is essential for preparations. Ideal for usage in tablets where active ingredients are the bulk of the tablet.
  • Magnabrite HV - Preferred for low solid formulations.
  • Magnabrite K - Choice solution for acidic preparations due to low acid demand and high acid compatibility.
  • Magnabrite HS - Easily hydrates in hot or cold water, producing high electrolyte stability.


Volclay is ideal to use for darker formulations where a pure white appearance isn’t necessary. Save cost and improve performance.