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​​​​Macrobead Product Page Copy

Elegant exfoliation is now yours with Macrobead. This enhanced technology eliminates over-exfoliation with delivery of emollients to the skin over time. This self-regulating scrub particle is preloaded with emollients that break down to minimize the potential for over cleansing.

How It Benefits Your Product

Enrich the touch of your formula without diminishing the effectiveness with Macrobead Technology – a delivery system that entraps ingredients and slowly breaks down particles to provide:

  • Gentle, yet effective exfoliation
  • Rubout that prevents over scrubbing
  • Longer lasting benefits to the skin with sustained release of actives
  • Elegant skin feel for high consumer satisfaction

Compelling Consumer Claims

Macrobead technology has been tested in full formations, and a sample of claims include:

  • Soothes and refreshes skin
  • Effectively removes dead skin cells
  • Treats without overdrying skin



A highly cross-linked copolymer and adsorbent polymer preloaded with emollient provides sustained delivery, excellent stability and is ideal for treating acne, anti-aging and cellulite.