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Metallurgical Wire Products and Services

For over three decades, Minteq International Inc. (MINTEQ) has been a leader in the treatment of steel with metallurgical wire products.

Our PFERROCAL® metallurgical wires, produced in Canaan, Connecticut, and Hengelo, Netherlands, have been instrumental in providing enhanced castability for steel producers worldwide.

PFERROCAL® wire products are offered in diameters of 6, 8 and 9 millimeters, in cages or in spools.

Used in combination with our proprietary lance injection technology, PFERROCAL® wire offers steel-making customers industry-high calcium recoveries. This improvement delivers not only consistent steel-making performance but the lowest cost per ton of any calcium treatment method available.

MINTEQ also offers a wide range of industry-standard alloys and ferro-alloys in powder-filled metallurgical wires. These wires are offered in a variety of diameters from 6 mm up to 16 mm. We offer a full product line of calcium, Calcium Silicate, alloy, and aluminum wires. These products are used in various molten steel processes and foundries, and also are widely accepted in the production of non-ferrous metals.

  • CaSi
  • Sulfur
  • Carbon
  • FeTi
  • FeMn
  • FeB
  • FeNb