The LaCam® Family

Our laser profile measurement systems are used for non-contact scanning of the refractory lining in metallurgic reaction and transport vessels, like converters, EAFs, torpedo ladles and steel casting ladles, as well as in open die forging shops.

The measurement values detected by laser scanners permit early and effective patching of defective locations and increase the life time of the refractory lining. Refractory costs are reduced at the same time operating safety is increased. The product assortment ranges from mobile to stationary measurement systems. By continuing to develop the laser technology as well as the operating and analysis software, FERROTRON laser profile measurement technology is now the world's market leader.


LaCam® and its various applications:


LaCam®- M

Mobile version for converter and ladles for extremely high ambient temperature


LaCam®- CI

Fixed installation at a converter


LaCam®- LI

Fixed installation at a ladle stand


LaCam®- EAF

Fixed installation at an electric arc furnace


LaCam®- Forge

Is an innovative measuring system for open die forging shops. It uses a three-dimensional eye-safe laser scanning system which is specially designed for hot surfaces and steel mill surrounding conditions. The heat radiation is measured and provides the possibility to measure the surface temperature distribution of the workpiece as well as straightness or final dimension control. A necessity in every quality process.

LaCam Torpedo

LaCam®- Torpedo


LaCam®- Scantrol

The LINK between LaCam measuring system and gunning robots.

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